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FORTUNE: Bringing cheap, low-carbon energy to the developing world means rethinking how we finance technology.

We noted in an earlier piece that Bill Gates’s “moonshot” investments to stop climate change, while well intentioned, are misdirected. We do need an Apollo Pr...

FORTUNE:  The well-intentioned billionaire is investing heavily in Hail Mary technologies to fight climate change. What we really need is more capital for already existing technologies.


Bill Gates recently announced a $1 billion increase in his investments to address c...

August 3, 2015


 Divestiture and Fossil Fuels:

A total of 436 institutions plus hundreds of family offices, together representing $2.6 trillion in assets have committed to divest themselves from fossil fuel companies as of September 2015.  Twelve months ago, those numbers were 181 ins...

August 3, 2015

Continued from part I, previously posted


Differing prospects for Rising U.S. Oil Production


The world energy organization (IEA) is actually taking a fairly conservative view with respect to just how much U.S. tight oil production will be able to fill declines elsewhere...

August 1, 2015

Fossils on the Beach:
Risks Relating to Ongoing Investment Reliance on Fossil Fuels


We rely heavily on fossil fuels to power today’s global economy.   Coal, but even more so, oil and gas are energy-dense, transportable and can be used in transport and to produce electr...

July 31, 2015


We have a historic opportunity: crumbling US infrastructure, windfall profits, Saudi price cuts undermining our energy security. Pass an asymmetric fuel tax on gasoline users during low prices and windfall oil company profits during high prices to give us security, st...

July 31, 2015



Most of us see the gas bill at the pump and annual registration/insurance. That bill is slightly lower at the moment due to low oil prices gradually flowing through the the pump. But the real costs of car ownership are $11,000 per year for a typical mid-size and much...

July 31, 2015


Venture Capital can produce spectacularly positive returns.It can also spectacularly disappoint just when returns are most expected.Its seeming lack of predictability allows its highest practitioners to describe it as an art form.But even art has its patter...

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