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Working together to build businesses and communities inspired by and characteristic of these core concepts: 





 resourcient  (/ˈre.sours.i.ənt/)


1. Adj. Able to use resources in innovative ways to create sustainable prosperity.


2. Noun. A group of leading investors, strategists, and practitioners exchanging ideas about how to create resourcient businesses and communities -- those that are prescient about where they are headed, resourceful with their people and assets, efficient in the way they utilize scarce resources, and resilient in their ability to thrive in a rapidly changing world.


Resourcient was founded by an experienced group of energy, climate and technology investors/executives to invest in and actively build resourcient businesses.  More specifically, we are focused on creating competitive 21st century, recurring jobs through investing in real assets and technology at lower cost, with better returns and more owner participation and control than has previously been possible.  We are doing so by realizing our collective climate, energy, economic development and infrastructure goals in a stakeholder-aligned fashion. was established to maintain an active and open but business-focused dialogue with like-minded individuals and organizations to share lessons learned as we collectively explore ways to make all of us more resourcient.


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