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Our view

Over the last three decades, we have been inventors, founders, managers, board members, advisors, and investors in a significant number of the most transformative companies born over that time span.  Energy, water and resources are not the limit of our experience; we were also there for the computer revolution, the biotech revolution, the datacomm revolution, the semiconductor revolution and the Internet revolution.


In the course of those experiences we have developed a keen sense of repeating patterns of how change occurs, of what makes for big entrepreneurial winners, and of why incumbent corporations are slow to react to transformative changes to industries they once dominated.  


We believe that: 

Consumers, not governments or regulation, will determine the speed of change in businesses not accustomed to dealing directly with consumers -- such as energy and water

Visionary and determined leadership, encompassing focus, attention to detail and the ability to inspire others, toward a risky and often murky future is a critical asset

Entrepreneurial companies with their speed, focus, risk tolerance, nimbleness and direct customer interaction will show the way, but will win in applications and solutions

Incumbent companies with capital, scale and strength of supply and distribution channels will be slow to follow, but will ultimately dominate in hardware oriented businesses

Entrepreneurial capital, consisting of cash and guidance, and growth capital applied at the right time, reduces risk and can separate winners and losers.

Addressing global challenges in energy, water and other critical resources is the largest economic opportunity of the 21st Century

Resourcient companies -- those adopting more efficient and sustainable practices will increasingly outperform their peers in the coming years and decades;

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