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Several of the more senior and experienced teams who have for the last several decades been investing in, advising and working with both the technology companies developing more productive, more efficient and cleaner ways to access energy, water and materials, as well the largest global corporations and utilities themselves engaged in the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable future, have come together to form a novel firm focused on creating the networks, advisory capacity and capital necessary to assist those businesses best poised to take advantage of a global shift in the production and consumption of energy, water and materials.  


Each of us has experienced the potential, but also the challenges, of working with entrepreneurial, technology driven companies in these sectors.  We have also worked in and closely with the leading corporations and utilities who today are struggling to reinvent themselves in the face of these resource challenges.  Based upon the enormous gains made in the wind, solar, electric vehicle, LED, battery and industrial biotech sectors over the last decade, we believe there is now a tremendous for the companies that are leading this transition and doing so at global scale.  

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